On the north, defined by the Cantabrian sea, Bay of Biscay, from Picos de Europa to the Pyrenees.

On the south, the Ebro river as a natural border, also La Rioja and Las Bardenas desert.


In rough outline, that's known to be the North.

But Greencountry has not got really defined limits, nor a political map.
It is not in the atlas.
It's a small infinity that brings together all kind of textures, shapes and lights.


Cities and villages. Cliffs, beaches and moors.
Roads, woods, deserts, uphill and downhill slopes.
Sun and rain.
Mountain passes, free ports, fishing ports and marinas...


Even ourselves, who think we know it,
are continually surprised by how extensive such a small region can be,
by how long it will take us to define it.


A virtual country that never ends,
but if it would, it would do it with a river, a beach, a valley, a lighthouse...


  greencountryfav   GREENCOUNTRY
  Tarăverde, Counytryegjelbër, البلد الأخضر,
Grünland, Yaşılölkə, зялёнаякраіна
  Capital Work in progress
  Population We have not counted them, but... Good people
It depends...
Spanish, Basque, French, Bable...
or by phone.
  Currency Euro
  Income per

A bit of everything

  Gastronomy  Amazing
  Area About 45.000 km2
  Highway   kms.
  Coast kms. More than enough
  Climate Nice summer,
nippy winter...

Grupo Santo Domingo Guzmán 7 bajo, 48006 Bilbao, Bizkaia

Lucas Diez +34 687 044 375
Jaime Gartzia +34 656 736 702

/// Film, commercial and photo shoot location service in North Spain
/// Localizaciones para cine, publicidad y fotografía del norte


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